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Version 6
17 November 2012


The name of the Club shall be the ‘Blackstone United Welsh Church Soccer Club’ and in the
Constitution will be referred to as ‘the Club’.

  • The United Welsh Church, Blackstone, will be referred to in the Constitution as ‘the Church’.
  • The Queensland Christian Soccer Association will be referred to in the Constitution as ‘QCSA’.

The address of the Club for all correspondence will be the Church address, ‘6 Thomas, St Blackstone.
The keys to the mail box will be retained by the Church.

The Club will maintain membership with the QCSA.

The Club will:

  • at all times be responsible to the Church and all the activities of the Club shall be governed by the Constitution of the Church.
  • field teams to play in QCSA competition and abide by QCSA Rules.
  • play in colours based on a theme reflecting the Club’s Welsh heritage and name.

The objectives of the Club are:-

  • to encourage the sport of soccer football in non-Sunday competition/s.
  • to foster sportsmanship among its members.
  • to encourage participation in the management community of amateur soccer
  • to abide by the laws of the game as set out in the Referees Charter.
  • to provide means whereby amateur soccer games may be made available to players at a minimum cost.
  • to encourage participation in the worship and activity of the Christian Church.
  • to promote the pursuit of Christian Principles in all activities associated with the Club.


  1. This constitution will not be altered unless agreed to by the Directors. The Directors representing the Church must take advice from the Church Management Committee within the scope of the role of the directors.
  2. The Club may bring any recommendations for alterations to any meeting of the Directors. Any recommendations presented to the Directors by the Club must be supported by the minutes of 3 a Special Meeting of the Club showing a two thirds majority of the members present at such a meeting.
  3. The Directors can impose changes to the Constitution at any time, but this will be in consultation with the Club Executive.4


Any person may be admitted to Annual (calendar year or part thereof) Membership of the Club
providing that person:

  • demonstrates a commitment to support Christian values and is accepted by the Executive Committee of the Club
  • tenders the appropriate prescribed annual subscription fee which will be determined from time to time in accordance with the rules of the Club
  • be a registered paid up team player

Any member may resign by submitting a letter of resignation to the Club Secretary.
Part membership fees will not be refunded.
(Note: For team members under 16 years of age see para 2.ii for additional information.)


  1. Non player or Associate Membership shall be open to all adults who comply with the Club Constitution and Rules. Full voting privileges are accorded members in this category.
  2. Player Membership shall be open to all above the age of 4 years who comply with the Club Constitution. Player members under the age of 16 are not accorded voting rights in the Club, these powers being vested in the parents or guardians of such members. Under this rule parents become liable to be called upon from time to time by the Club Management Committee to assist in the conduct of Club affairs as though they were full members of the Club.
  3. Honorary members shall be awarded the membership, for a period not exceeding one year, by any general meeting of members acting upon the recommendation of the Management Committee.
  4. Life Membership may be awarded to any member of the Club with at least eight years prior membership and considered to have rendered outstanding service to the Club. The recommendation will be taken to the Annual General Meeting by the Club Management Committee. If the recommendation is accepted by the Annual General Meeting, the member so honoured shall become a life member and shall permanently retain all rights and privileges of full membership, without any further liability for membership subscriptions. No more than one life member shall be elected in any one financial year.

Membership of the Club may be withdrawn by the Club Management Committee for breaches of
this Constitution providing that the actions taken to terminate such membership are in accordance
with the procedures set out by the Constitution of the Club.

Two Church Parades will be organised during the season by the Club Management Committee at
the Church. All members will be expected to attend one or both of these parades.

Annual Subscription rates payable by players and non-players or associate members shall be
determined at the Club’s Annual General Meeting. All fees are to be paid in advance by the 1
st April each year. No resignation, termination or forfeiture of membership will entitle the member to
reimbursement of their subscription. A member who is four (4) weeks in arrears after 1
st April shall be deemed to have forfeited membership of the Club but the Club Management Committee can
consider any request for reinstatement. A financial member is a member who has no arrears. Any
person who is not a financial member will not be eligible to attend Club meetings after 1
st April. However, in extreme circumstances this deadline may be waivered but only with the approval of
the Club Management Committee.


  1. The Club shall not participate in any competition other than those organised or approved by the QCSA.
  2. The Club shall not field, in any match, any player who is not a registered financial member of the Club.
  3. The members shall at all times abide by the rules as set out by the QCSA and the Club.
  4. A team belonging to the Club shall not play under protest in QCSA competition matches without the consent of the Management Committee.
  5. Participation under protest shall be deemed to exist only when the Club’s team managers or person appointed to be in charge lodges a request for such with the Club’s secretary.


  1. The Club may enlist the services of a person capable of coaching each team. The Coach shall have the responsibility for drafting the training schedule for his/her respective team, after discussing the time and details with the Chair of the Match sub-committee for submission to the Club Management Committee. The Coach shall be available for consultation and may, if so desired, submit reports directly to the Committee by way of the Chair of the Match subcommittee.
  2. Each team will have a coach and manager. They will be appointed to their positions by the Match sub-committee in consultation with, and after approval from, the Club Management Committee.
  3. From Under 12 upward the Captain shall be selected by the Coach and Manager. The two shall advise the player concerned and also the Club Registrar.
  4. Junior teams will be under the control of managers and coaches who will appoint Captains in their respective teams and will act as selectors to their teams, keeping in mind the policy that all players be given their share of games.



  • Patron

This position will be filled at the discretion of the Directors and Club Management Committee.

  • President

The Minister of the Church will be invited to accept the position of Club President. In the event that the Minister is unable to fulfil the President’s role he or she may appoint a representative.

  • President’s Role

The role of the President will be to

  • act as Chaplain to the Club
  • provide advice on moral and ethical issues
  • make themselves available for all meetings and matches
  • provide moral support to the players
  • maintain regular communications with the minister if an appointee.
  • Directors

There will be a Committee of Directors comprising the President and two (2) Directors appointed by the Church Management Committee to be known as Club Directors each with full voting rights. One of which will be a member of the Church Management Committee.
These Directors will be supported by the following invited persons:-

  • QCSA; two members (preferably to include one from the QCSA Executive)
  • Club; two members (Chair and Treasurer or their representative/s)
  • Director’s Role

The role of the Directors will be to

  • ensure the Club is run in accordance with the Church, QCSA and Club Constitutions
  • approve budget and financial activities of Club
  • approve policy for the Club
  • prepare a handbook on an ’as required’ basis in consultation with the Club to cover meeting procedures and record keeping
  • retain an option to replace, if deemed appropriate, the Executive Committee of the Club at any time at a public meeting
  • appoint an independent facilitator (with no voting rights) to chair all director’s meetings.
  • Club Management Committee

This committee shall be comprised of four (4) members

  • Chairman
  • Vice Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Chairs from all sub-committees

(NOTE: It is acceptable for the positions of Secretary and Treasurer to be filled by one person.)
The Club Management Committee will be responsible for;

  • implementing set policy
  • coordinating Club activities
  • responsible to the Club Directors
  • the preparation of a Code of Conduct for all coaches, managers and captains.
  • ensuring the Chairman and Treasurer (or representatives) attend all Directors meetings to provide feedback and recommendations regarding the Club, but have no voting rights.
  • Sub-committees.

There will be three (3) standing sub-committees:

  • Match
  • Field
  • Fund Raising.

Other sub-committees may be formed as required with approval from the Club Directors
based on the recommendation of the Chairman. All sub-committees are required, through
their Chair, to report on their activities and to submit proposals for major activities to the
Club Management Committee for approval. No person will hold more than one (1) executive
position across all sub-committees.

(a) Match Sub-Committee
This sub-committee will consist of Chair/Registrar and other members as deemed
necessary by the Chair. The Role of this sub-committee is

  •  team preparation and organisation of coaches
  • maintain a current player register
  • subscription and match fee collection
  • preparation of a set of rules governing the conduct at home and away of all
  • players, spectators etc for approval by the Directors through the Club Management Committee
  • to ensure that all persons associated in any way with the Club are aware of all these rules governing their presence at Club matches and functions.9

(b) Field Sub-committee
This sub-committee will consist of Chair and other members as deemed necessary by the Chair. The Role of this sub-committee is:

  • management of the playing field
  • prepare the playing field
  • ongoing maintenance of the entire property
  • match preparation of the playing surface.

(c) Fund Raising Sub-committee
This sub-committee will consist of Chair and other members as deemed necessary by the Chair. The Role of this sub-committee is to raise money for the Club through

  • a canteen provided at all home games
  • fund raising activities in accordance with the QCSA and Club Constitutions, and

Church Principles.

  • Election of Officers

Nominations for Office Bearers will be accepted only from among the membership of the Club. All office bearers shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting. A ballot will be necessary if a number of nominations for any positions are received.


1. The CHAIRMAN shall be responsible for:

  • presiding over all meetings of the Club Management Committee
  • reporting to the Church and QCSA through the Directors for the proper running of the Club
  • implementing the Club Directors’ policy
  • ensuring all secretarial and treasurer roles are complied with at all times
  • attending Director’s meetings
  • providing advice to the Director’s meetings.

2. The VICE CHAIRMAN shall be responsible for:

  • carrying out the duties of the Chairman during any absence of the Chairman
  • carrying out any other duties as assigned by the Club Management Committee.

3. The SECRETARY shall be responsible for:

  • issuing of notices of all Meetings;
  • recording and keeping of the Minutes of all Meetings;
  • all correspondence relating to the Club and sub-committees, including maintenance of Inward/ Outward Mail Registers;
  • detailed checking of all Club accounts and their prompt submission to the Treasurer for presentation to the Club Directors for payment;
  • any other duties as assigned by the Committee and by notice in writing signed by the Chairman;
  • presentation of an Annual Report to the Club;
  • custody of all records and official documents of the Club which are to be transferred to their successor at the close of his/her term of office.
  • ensuring a copy of all correspondence written by the sub-committees is provided to the Secretary for tabling at a Club Committee Meeting
  • any other duties as assigned by the Club Management Committee and by notice in writing signed by the Chairman.

4. The TREASURER shall be responsible for:

  • keeping of all books of accounts and accounting documents current
  • receipting, safe custody, banking and disbursement of all monies relating to the Club and is to be a Signing Officer for all banking transactions;
  • preparing statements of the financial affairs when required for audit purposes;
  • investing Club funds in accordance with the direction of the Club Directors;
  • presenting a Financial Statement to every Club Management Committee;
  • maintaining a current Register of Assets owned by the Club and presenting a copy to the

Church Management Committee and Directors at the commencement and conclusion of each season

  • attending Director’s meetings
  • providing advice to the Director’s meeting
  • other duties as assigned by the Committee and by notice in writing signed by the Chairman.

5. The CHAIR of all SUB-COMMITTEES shall be responsible for:

  • calling regular meetings of the sub-committee on an ‘as needed’ basis;
  • presiding over meetings;
  • attending Club Management Meetings. Should the Chair be unable to attend a Club Management Meeting, he/she shall appoint a representative from the relevant subcommittee to attend in his/her stead;
  • providing the Club Management Committee with a copy of all outgoing correspondence, electronic or mailed, and notes of phone conversations.

6. The REGISTRAR shall be responsible for:

  • registering all players;
  • provision of Club identity cards;
  • provision of Match cards to the manager/s of each team;
  • maintenance of a current record of registered players with their contact details and current financial status;
  • maintenance of a current record of all life, honorary and non-player (associate) members with their contact details;
  • keeping a record of all resignations, disqualifications and terminations.

7. The DELEGATES to QCSA are to attend all general meetings of the same to ensure the Club is
properly represented. If unable to attend they shall arrange for a proxy to be present in their


1. Directors Meeting
The Directors will meet in the fourth week of every month, on a fixed day or night, for the extent of the playing season. Off season meetings will be at the discretion of the Directors.

2. Annual General Meeting
An Annual General Meeting of the members will be held not later than six weeks after the final game of the season with a Notice of Intention to be promulgated one month prior to such meeting. This meeting will be conducted in accordance with the Constitution for the purposes prescribed therein and this meeting will be held in the Church Hall. All members and the public are to be made aware of such a meeting.

3. General Meeting
A General Meeting of Members shall be held on an ‘as required’ basis but not less than bimonthly.

4. Special Meetings
Special Meetings shall be convened by the Secretary upon the direction of the Club Management Committee and the topic for the meeting as requested shall be clearly specified; such as ‘Alteration of Constitution’.
The request to the Club Management Committee for their consideration must:

  • bear the signature of at least six financial members.
  • be lodged in person with the Club Secretary.
  •  inform all Club financial members
  • give at least one (1) months notice of this meeting
  • clearly state the purpose of the meeting.

5. Public Meetings
In extreme circumstances the Directors may call a Public Meeting which may be attended by any
interested persons. This meeting must be widely advertised at least three (3) weeks prior to the meeting.

6. Club Management Committee
The Club Management Committee will meet on a monthly basis, in the third week of every month, on a fixed day or night, for the extent of the playing season. Off season meetings may be conducted less frequently, with the approval of the Directors. All decisions made by the Club Management Committee must be reported to ordinary general meetings. Any member of the Club may request a meeting with the Club Management Committee concerning the welfare of the Club. Any decisions or recommendations from such meeting are to be passed on to the Club Directors then to the Club’s general meeting.

7. Sub committees
Sub committees may meet from time to time as determined by their convener on matters of interest and their decisions are to be referred for consideration to the Club Management Committee.

8. Quorum
For both the AGM and General Meetings a quorum of twice the Club Management Committee plus one (1) must be present at any Annual General Meeting or General Meeting for business to be transacted. A quorum for Club Management Committee Meetings will be half the number of Club Management Committee members plus one (1) present at any meeting for business to be transacted. For Director’s meetings a quorum will be two Directors.

9. Voting rights
Voting at all meetings, (not including the Directors meeting) shall be on the basis of one vote per financial member present, taken either by show of hands or secret ballot if more than one member is nominated for election to one position. Player members under 16 years of age represented at meetings by parents or guardians are not allowed voting rights on the basis of their proxy representation. The chair has a deliberate as well as a casting vote but it is not compulsory for this vote to be cast.


i. Monies for the Club shall not be raised by any form of gambling.
The Club’s income shall consist of

  • annual subscription fees for membership, as set at the Annual General Meeting of the Club;
  • the match fees as set out for each weeks games
  • income from approved fund raising activities.

(Note: These fees are subject to change once QCSA and QCSRA fees are set.)

ii. All cheques will be signed by two (2) of three (3) persons, being selected from a Consultant from QCSA, a Director from the Church and the Club Treasurer or Chairman.

iii. Sub-committees shall operate through the Club bank account only.

iv. Banking will be through a financial institution as approved from time to time.

v. Cash is to be banked as soon as possible after receipt, with only an agreed minimal cash amount held for petty cash and a canteen float.

vi. This cash in hand will include monies held by all groups within the Club.

vii. The Club Chairman (or representative) or Treasurer will present to each monthly meeting of the Directors the following documents:

  • copy of the latest Bank Statement (to be retained by Directors)
  • cheque book
  • copies of all accounts being presented for payment or ratification of payment.
  • latest Financial Statement ( to be retained by Directors)
  • statement of activities of petty cash
  • grant applications
  • letters written on behalf of the Club to any person or organisation
  • forthcoming fund raising activities
  • any requests for expenditure
  • and any other documents either requested by the Directors or considered relevant to the operations of the Club.

viii. Petty Cash will be held by the Treasurer for use on incidental items and will be an amount agreed to by the Chair of the sub-committee and Directors through the Chairman.

ix. The Canteen float will be an amount agreed to by the Chair of the sub-committee and Directors
through the Chairman.

An auditor, who is not a member of any committee of the Club, shall be recommended at the Annual General Meeting for approval by the Club Directors and shall examine all the general financial records etc and furnish a report to the next Annual General Meeting of both the Club and the Church, whilst providing the Club Directors with a copy. If a vacancy occurs in the position of auditor during the year an eligible person may be recommended to the Directors by the Club Management Committee.

i. No member of the Club shall receive remuneration of any kind for their participation in any activity of the Club.
ii. The penalty for the acceptance of any remuneration shall be forfeiture of current Club membership and of future membership for such period as shall be determined by the Club’s Management Committee and confirmed by the Rules of the Club.
iii. Referees acting under the QCSRA are exempt from this rule.

No liability will be accepted by the Club, Church or QCSA for any loss or damage of personal property other than that covered by the QCSA and Church Insurance policies and statutory requirements.

The property of the Club shall be vested in the Management Committee of the Church. (see Part 4 Para 4 Register of Assets)

If the Club should be wound up all the assets, after the satisfaction of its debts and liabilities, shall be given or transferred to the Church to be managed and held in trust. No assets shall be sold or disposed of without prior approval of the Directors.